We are a people-led practice; that goes for within our own team and working with others. 
Laura Hannigan - Director | Co-founder 
Laura has a sharp eye for detail, exemplified through well-crafted and integrated projects. She completed a Masters in Structural Engineering with Architecture from UCD and a Masters in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment from the University of Cambridge, which typifies her integrated approach to design. Her research includes computational design, graphic statics and utilising bamboo structurally whilst her project work ranges from small scale art interventions, to affordable workspace and mass timber design. She is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Structural Design Practice at the University College London where she co-leads a studio teaching students who are accredited in both engineering and architecture. 
Jonny Hawkshaw - Director | Co-founder 
Jonny’s expertise and interest centres on historical structures and minimal structural intervention where possible. He has worked with Grade I, II and II* listed structures including the retention and strengthening of existing historic oak timber trusses, and façade retention schemes.  He also is an advocate of the benefits modern methods of construction can offer. He is leading a research project on hemp panelised modular construction, and another into the reuse of steel sections in an industrial setting facilitating a circular economy process. He is a keen teacher and mentor, and leads the training agenda in the practice alongside teaching Environmental and Technical Studies at the Architectural Association. 
Sinéad Conneely - Director | Co-founder 
Sinéad has a strong analytical background and a talent for problem solving. Her expertise focuses on computational design, scripting workflows and delivery, with the other eye on social sustainability. She completed a Masters in Applied Mathematics from Imperial College, which leans in to her analytical approach. Her experience centres on efficient construction on tight sites, working collaboratively on site with contractor teams to achieve appropriate solutions while maintaining project budget and programme. She is also an advocate for equality in the industry and has been involved in creating a new network for women in the built environment, unstructured. 
Phil Isaac - Director | Co-founder 
Phil is a creative problem solver, combining his strong analytical skills with creative thinking. He completed a PhD at the University of Bath in the dynamic response of structures, and has completed a number of sculptural projects involving complex geometry and interesting dynamic behaviour. His skills involve unorthodox structures, whilst also being adept at managing large and complex masterplan projects to completion. Phil remains active in research and academia with recent research topics including engineering education, low carbon design, and he recently led a research project investigating the structural reuse of timber. Phil leads the Research and Development agenda within the practice and is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Bath. 
Andrea Carapia - Associate Structural Engineer
Andrea joined Simple Works with experience including amusement park structures and working with natural roundwood and traditional carpentry jointing. He completed his Masters in Building Engineering in 2013 at the Politecnico di Torino in Italy. His experience also includes mass timber design and the refurbishment of existing structures. He is keen on integrated design and has a very detailed project design approach. He also adopts a very collaborative approach in leading the team to a successful project outcome. He teaches at Canterbury University Superstudios and is interested in the exploratory research of new building materials and methods.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Andy McFadden - Senior Structural Engineer
Andy joined Simple Works with experience in complex refurbishment including on Smithfield Market, and working with the community and young people through his work with Scale Rule. He completed a Masters in Civil and Architectural Engineering at Bath University achieving first-class honours. His primary interest centres around socially sustainable practices in the construction industry, and creating spaces with the community in mind at all times. He has extensive experience in early-stage design in a wide range of materials, with a particular focus on timber, and is an expert in parametric design. He is passionate about inspiring the next generation of designers through teaching at the University of Bath and his continued work with Scale Rule. 
Chinny Emodi - Structural Engineer
Chinny joined Simple Works after graduating from the University of Bath with a Masters in Civil Engineering where her final year research topic focused on alternative formwork systems for concrete shells, including investigating the use of hemp as reinforcement. Her interests include sustainable technology and natural building materials. Since joining Simple Works, she has led the development of our embodied carbon calculation tools. Chinny volunteered as a teaching assistant during her time at school, was a student tutor, and has completed several charity fund-raising events.  
Eliza Reed - Structural Engineer
Eliza joined Simple Works after graduating from Heriot Watt University with a Masters in Structural Engineering with Architectural Design. She has a keen eye on our profession's impact on the global environment and her final year project 'A comparison of new and old sustainable materials…. which are better suited to shape the future' focused on sustainable building materials and learning from historic methods. In her time at University Eliza also volunteered with the girl scouts educating young scouts about the engineering profession, and with The Turing Trust, which refurbishes IT equipment for those who need it most. 

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