Tyndale Reach Public Art
This artwork was commissioned by Bellway for their new development in Wickwar near the Cotswolds. The client wanted pieces of art that were site responsive, contemporary, robust and high-quality.
They also wanted to connect new Wickwar to old Wickwar which was a market town established by the De La Warre family in the mid 1600s. Dying and weaving were important occupations from the middle-ages until the mid 18th century and the architect’s aspiration was to bring this into the design of benches and tables that would promote a sense of community within the development.
The first piece is a circular bench that will surround a newly planted tree. The main structure is formed of 16 steel elements that will be bent by the steel fabricator to facilitate the weave pattern formed when thinner plates of copper or brass are braided through them. These thinner sections also contribute to the overall stability of the bench.
The second piece is a communal dining table that has a main frame of weathering steel that supports a mesh of thinner elements formed of steel and brass or copper. The table will hopefully become a focal point of the new development and bring people together.
To achieve such a high level of functionality and beauty we’ve worked closely with the steel fabricator and the architect throughout the process.
Location: Tyndale Reach, Bristol
Year completed: In progress
Client: Bellway Homes
Architect: Dallas Pierce Quintero 
Fabricator: Darke Steel

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