The Yard
The Yard is a new community enterprise hub in Tottenham with Haringey Council. The project has an all-timber superstructure and is designed to deliver long term benefits for the surrounding community. 
The proposed programme is arranged over a mixture of 2, 3 and 4 storey spaces. The site is adjacent to a number of locally listed structures and beside a raised railway line as part of Network Rail. Part of the proposal will see an existing single storey façade retained and integrated within the proposed development as part of the main entrance space.
A timber framed solution has been at the forefront of considerations for the primary structure as it has low embodied carbon, does not necessarily require wet trades, can be brought to site in individual elements, can offer a rapid construction and is light which lowers the weight imposed on the foundations below in comparison to other materials.​​​​​​​
Location: Bruce Grove, Tottenham
Status: Stage 4
Architect: IF_DO
Client: Haringey Council

View from Access road (c) IF_DO

Interior view (c) IF_DO

View from Morrison's Yard (c) IF_DO

Existing retained facade

Location: Bruce Grove, Tottenham
Status: Stage 4
Architect: IF_DO
Client: Haringey Council

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