The Next Engineers - Equipping Industry for the Future of Construction 
In their chapter ‘The Next Engineers – Equipping Industry for the Future of Construction’ in Innovation in Construction, Phil and co-author Dan Bergsagel have presented their views on the skills engineers of the future will require to respond to the changes as we move into Industry 4.0.
The chapter compares the construction industry to an ecosystem, noting that future engineers will need a broad skillset to meet the challenges we face in confronting the Climate Emergency we face, with a reliance on the maths and physics skills being underpinned by a better understanding and knowledge of areas including design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA), 3D modelling and manufacturing and greater digital fluency in coding.
The final part of the Chapter looks at the need for continual learning and how the skills requirement of existing engineers needs to be tailored to suit the changing face of our profession which will require taking advantage of intergenerational learning.

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