Ripple Pavilion
Our involvement with the Ripple pavilion involved finding simple solutions to the two main challenges at opposite ends of the scale spectrum. On the macro scale we worked closely with Atelier Chang to develop the geometry, focusing on a simple, elegant structure in keeping with the lightness of the suspended polycarbonate clad tubes. At the micro scale we spent time testing the connections between the tubes and the structure to ensure firstly that the movement was achievable and secondly that the chosen detail was simple to install, with over 4000 tubes suspended from the structure.
To ensure the structure was as light as possible a number of iterations for the geometry were shared between ourselves and Atelier Chang. This collaborative process meant working from one shared parametric definition. The final geometry was based on a spherical surface meaning the steel could be rolled with a constant radius, greatly simplifying the construction.
The final element of the structure was in many ways the most important. To make the pavilion a success the suspended tubes needed to translate movements in all directions. In collaboration with Atelier Chang we worked through many alternative fixing details for the tubes, testing and refining to get something that fulfilled the design requirement whilst at the same time being simple to install.
Location: Gyoungnam Art Museum, South Korea
Year completed: 2019
Client: Gyoungnam Art Museum, Curator: Yeojin Chang, Wonji Seol
Architect: Atelier Chang
Wider team: Seorin Construction, DKD acrylic, Hanyang Metal, Changwon Jonghap Management  
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