Recording Studio
This beautifully detailed box-inside-a-box was constructed using glulam and timber for a music producer in Leyton. 
This small site offered up many challenges including the unearthing of a concrete bomb shelter within the footprint of the studio. Screw piles were used to span the structure across the bomb shelter and reduce the amount of concrete in the ground. A glulam frame creates the main structure which is visible inside the studio and is insulated with recycled denim and sheep wool to create a sound-proof box. An external skin of masonry and timber structure sits outside the glulam to support the roof and external skin.
We worked closely with A-Zero Architects and Kahle Acoustics throughout the project to ensure the structural design met both the aesthetic and acoustic briefs.
Architect: A-Zero Architects
Client: Private
Year: 2021
Image Credits: Agnese Sanvito via A-Zero Architects
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