Nestled on a small parcel of land the location of this project proved to be one of the biggest challenges for the design.
Located between Putney Bridge Road and a rail track serving the main route between Wokingham Junction and Waterloo the site was previously home to a large advertising board. In it’s place will be a 5 storey, 5 apartment building predominantly constructed off-site in prefabricated timber units.
The constrained site has lead to a number of project challenges from both a design and logistics perspective. The proximity to the rail tracks has required Simple Works to engage in extensive discussions with Network Rail to seek approval for building in such close proximity. Part of this work has involved carefully sequencing the construction sequence and understanding how elements will be delivered to site. To make space for the development the existing embankment will be cut back necessitating the installation of a cantilevering retaining wall. Installation of this is complicated by the proximity of the road and the steepness of the slope. The maximum retained height reaches up to 2.2 m with trains running on the higher ground behind.
The use of predominantly off-site manufacturing was chosen to both speed up the on-site elements and to avoid the long closure of part of Putney Bridge Road which would have likely not been possible. Once the retaining wall and load bearing piles are installed the modules will be craned in from the road in just one night, keeping disruption to a minimum.
Location: London, UK
Year completed: In progress
Trio the difference
Wider team: 
Magnus Opifax, Go Modular​​​​​​​

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