Venice Biennale, 2018

Location: Venice
Year completed: Unbuilt
Client: British Council
Architect: Scale Rule
Wider team: n/a


The concept behind our entry for the 2018 Venice Biennale was to engage the wider community in the UK in the festival. To do this we proposed a concept whereby primary schools would be sent a flat packed box they’d assemble and then fill in anyway they wished. The boxes were to be designed in such a way that they’d stack with one another within the biennale space.

The concept behind the proposal was about engaging a wider audience in the festival and inspiring young people to be more engaged in the design that is going on around them. Schemes like open house, LFA and LDF have all been huge positives in terms of gaining wider exposure for the design profession. But why shouldn’t we turn students of now into designers of now? Allowing each individual school the opportunity to represent themselves however they wanted presented a unique way of taking a snapshot of our national identity.

From a curatorial perspective the micro and macro scale of the project presented an interesting design and technical challenge. Technically the boxes needed to be designed in such as way they could be transported easily, assembled simply and remaining sturdy enough for stacking. From a design perspective playing off the design of an individual box with how multiple boxes came together would have presented an interesting challenged from a curatorial perspective.