Location: London
Year completed: Under construction
Client: Private
Architect: Bayith

Seymour Road sees the demolition and redevelopment of a traditional two storey detached house. The proposed scheme creates a new contemporary, two storey, open plan structure above a full profile basement. 

The basement structure is pushed up as close to the party wall as possible, to maximise footprint, creating a challenging structural arrangement. RC contiguous pile walls were chosen as the solution cantilevered in the temporary case to aid construction of the basement box.

Large span steels help to support the terrace levels, bridging between the end walls of the proposed structure creating a feeling of openness. By reducing the amount of vertical support points internally, aligning columns within partitions and beams within floor zones the structure is able to hide within the architecture creating clean internal spaces without bulkheads to the ceiling or boxing out along the walls. 

A mix of loft and open pitched spaces on the second floor creates a variety which kept the structure challenging right to the very top of the building resulting in much needed collaboration with the architect throughout the whole structure to get the details nailed down.

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