Portland Road

Location: London
Year completed: In progress
Client: Golden Property Group
Architect: AR-DE
Wider team: N/A

Portland Road is a multi-unit residential development of a site left undeveloped since the previous building was destroyed during World War 2. A desk study was undertaken to determine the extent of bombing to the area and to ensure that there was no residual risk of UXO’s when forming the foundations for the new structure; shallow footings were specified to mitigate this as much as possible.

The new building is made up of 2 to 3 bedroom units which each boast access to outdoor space or winter garden areas. The scheme, which went through several iterations during the planning process, is now working towards construction. 

The building utilises a traditional structural form with brick and block walls and timber floors. Steel elements span below terraces and are pushed into the floor depths in order to help create open plan spaces to the units below. 

A mansard roof tops the building maximising habitable floor space for the building footprint and a separate structure containing a bike and bin stores is located to the rear of the main building