Fluid Housing

Location: London
Year completed: 2015
Client: New London Architecture
Architect: n/a
Wider team: n/a

What is common to all housing built in London since the industrial revolution, which has ultimately lead to multiple housing crises since that period?

The answer is that the housing stock is inherently static, permanent and inflexible; unable to cope with the rise and fall of London’s “boom and bust”. The fluid housing concept is a response to this issue. It is the land itself which is the problem, by separating this component from the building structure and dealing with both as separate entities a new philosophy for housing in London can be developed.

Fluid housing is fundamentally a modular system which breaks a home into parametric components, allowing adaption to take place to suit design conditions over time. These can be mass produced under factory conditions resulting in a suite of components which are cheap, of high quality and are quick to fabricate. Encouraging contractors to create their own components based on this modular philosophy would bring a variety to the design, reducing pressure on procurement of specific materials which would inevitably occur if there was an industry wide standardisation of this system. Construction of modular housing can be made incredibly simple through good design of elements and connections details.

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