Phoenix Road Performance Gardens 
The Phoenix Road Performing Gardens’ is the winning scheme of the LFA’s competition ‘Somers Town Acts’ in collaboration with Nooma and the London Borough of Camden.
A street garden was envisaged for Somers Town, providing spaces for performance, storytelling, and the local community to gather.
Structurally, a focus on light-weight materials and ease of assembly was key. ‘The Performer’ which created a performance setting, was created with a column and truss grid, with simple joinery for speed of construction and stability providing by the column and truss system.
‘The Storyteller’ which housed storey and music workshops, used staggered circular rings to tie the inclined elements, with simple sand bags concealed within the seating providing ballast against overturning whilst avoiding any fixing into the ground.

Architect: Nooma
Client: Camden Council (London Borough of Camden)
Year: 2022
Image Credits: (i) Luke O'Donovan via Nooma (ii), (iii) Nooma (iv), (v) Simple Works 
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