At Simple Works we are committed to being a force for good and will hold ourselves accountable to this.

We donate 1% of our total sales every year to charitable causes. 
We focus on winning and delivering projects that have a positive impact on the community.
We seek out collaborators and clients who share our values.

The climate crisis is always at the forefront of our minds and we want to make the right design and business decisions with respect to this. We will:
 — Educate ourselves in the use of low carbon materials
 — Design structures that have the lowest possible environmental impact
 — Cycle or walk to work and to meetings whenever possible
 — Offset the CO2 associated with any necessary transport journeys
 — Implement a bike to work scheme
 — Allow our staff extra annual leave if they choose low carbon methods of travel for their holidays

We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone in the practice has a good work life balance. We know that nurturing and supporting our people will ensure our practice achieves its full potential.
We will:
 — Have a clear flexible working policy for all staff
 — Not ask staff to opt out of the EU Working Time Directive
 — Ensure staff are reasonably compensated for any temporary overtime
 — Provide mental health support for our staff
 — Pay all staff at least the London Living Wage
 — Not hire unpaid interns
 — Support our staff’s progression with adequate training and mentorship
 — Respond to our staff’s needs as and when they are highlighted to us

We are committed to fighting for an equitable construction industry and believe that a more diverse workforce will result in a better designed built environment for all.
We will offer work experience and apprenticeship opportunities to disadvantaged young people.
We will not speak on all white panels choosing instead to step aside to allow a talented person of colour to speak in our place.
We actively promote diversity in the construction industry through our work with the following groups:
 — unstructured: fighting for gender equality in the built environment 
 — Scale Rule CIC: widening participation in the construction industry
We are always on the lookout for new initiatives to support and get involved with.
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