The aim of the project was to develop Walter Segal’s family home in a way sympathetic to Segal’s principles but more in keeping with 21st Century construction.
The proposed extension to the original house is conceived as a series of timber portal frames at regular centres, echoing Segal’s principle of a regular grid and creating the rhythm in the structural arrangement. Given the challenging access to the site the aim is to create a structure that is easy to assemble with potential for some elements of off-site manufacturing.
The site itself gently slopes from the back of the existing property to the end of the garden and the architecture takes advantage of this by stepping the building down as you come away from the existing house. The concept of the foundations has been developed to work with this added complexity and at the same time minimise the amount of concrete and other wet trades, another strong principle behind Segal’s self build methodology.
Location: London, UK
Year completed: In progress
Morris and Company
Wider team: N/A

Press: ​​​​​​​DezeenArchitects Journal,  Archdaily,  BD Online, ​​​​​​​ Walter’s Way and the self build generation 
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