The ambition for the extension to Moorgate Cottage is to achieve a unique extension whilst maintaining a simple palette of typical construction materials, respecting the existing period property.
The roof of the extension consists of exposed timber joists typically supported on blockwork walls and exposed timber columns. The sculptural timber roof curves both in plan and section. We worked closely with Studioshaw to help define the timber setting out to ensure standard timber sizes could be used to maintain the most cost-effective solution whilst still delivering a high-quality result. The project highlighted how our skills in geometry definition can be applied and can be useful at any scale.
The area surrounding the extension has large existing trees, some of which in the neighbouring property had been recently removed. The clay substrate was subject to the seasonal effects of the existing trees and potential heave due to the removal of the neighbouring trees. The new extension, with it’s fully glazed facade to the patio, is particularly susceptible to these movements and a mini-piled foundation was adopted to achieve the required depth of foundations needed.. The piled foundation negated the need for any underpinning at the boundary interface with the existing house.
Location: Moor End, Frieth
Year completed: 
In progress
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