The lightwell pavilion is intended to bring renewed life and lightness one of the internal lightwell courtyards of County Hall in central London. A stunning backdrop is provided by a historic towering brick Victorian chimney.

The roof consists of large span timber trusses which taper to a point allowing drainage to follow a diagonal line across the roof. Standard timber sizes were adopted with steel flitch plates along the main truss span. The truss supports are hidden in lightweight partitions, or consist of small steel tubes at glazing mullion locations. A number of iterations were performed on the design to meet the strict deflection criteria required from the sliding doors and other glazed areas without losing the lightness of the structure.

A timber deck exists on the site and the project aims to retain and reuse as much of this as possible. In order to achieve this, timber and fabric surveys were specified to investigate the condition of the existing structure and avoid needlessly scrapping materials that could otherwise be reused.
Location: County Hall, London
Year completed: 
Stage 4 2019
Wider team: N/A

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