Farriers Barn is part renovation and part new build to create a four bedroom house with generous spaces for entertaining and working from home. The site currently houses a concrete barn, a wagon shed and stables.
The brief is to convert the stables to a studio and workshop and the barn into the main residence. The wagon shed will be re-constructed as a timber frame and connected to the barn. The main frame of the barn will be retained and an internal structure will be required to form the second floor which will be a combination of steel and timber.
The client is enthusiastic about using sustainable materials and methods of construction so the early stages of the project focused on studying appropriate ways of achieving this vision. One idea looked at was  to incorporate timber foundations and re-use the existing concrete slabs for hardcore and soakaways. In addition to this we’ve also investigated options for natural and recycled materials for insulating the structure.
Location: Egerton, Kent
Year completed: 
In progress
Dallas Pierce Quintero
Wider team: N/A

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