Angel Yard 
Angel Yard is an intergenerational cohousing community in Norwich; we are working in collaboration with Archio and TOWN for the Angel Yard Co-housing Group.
The scheme contains 33 new homes, across a mix of apartment and houses ranging from one to three bedrooms. There is also a focus on shared amenities with a shared space for eating, relaxing, laundry, and a ‘library of things’ which encourages circular economy principles by offering everyday items for hire.
The design has evolved through an integrated and collaborative approach with the new future residents. Sustainable construction is at the heart of the design process; we have been working extensively on documenting embodied carbon for various potential construction methods and structure, to ensure embodied carbon is at the forefront of the decision making process. The project is also targeting passivhaus design and renewable energy sources.
Architect: Archio
Developer: TOWN
Client: Angel Yard Co-housing Group 
Status: Stage 3
Image Credits: Archio

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